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5 Potential Coaching Topics-ask yourself:

1. How am I living in the Prime of My Life? Why does that matter? This is it and I'm living in it. How do I want it to look? To feel?

2. Well-er--the quest for "well-er". Yes, it's a word because it carries meaning. It links to overall wellness. Consider nutrition, fitness, self-care, and stressors. This is where I am and where do I want to go. Why does that matter?

3. How do I show up? How do I commit? How does that fit the real me? To use a familiar phrase from a well-know TV talk show therapist, "How's that workin' for ya?"

4. My habit loop. How are my habits working for me and what may I choose/need/want to alter? Why? What will that bring me?

5. Am I plugged in and to what or whom? What am I tuned in to? Turned on by? What am I missing? What am I loving? Why does that matter?

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