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Accessory Workouts

Accessories really complement an outfit. The earrings, fun socks or belt can really up your style game. What about accessories for your fitness game and your game of life?

More of the same, eg. more weight on the rack, more distance on the gps, more protein powder in the recovery drink, more push ups, and more hills may not result in more fitness gains or prevent injury.

How about ensuring your Accessory Workouts target what I call 'the little guys'? These little guys are the supporting muscle groups and movements that are often overlooked and under-rated.

Shakira has it right with her "Hips don't Lie". So much stability and movement come from our hips. Knees and backs receive great support if our hips carry the bulk of the strength and stability. Mini-bands target the gluteus muscles and ensure they do their job. Remember the Jane Fonda days with the clamshells and fire hydrant hip moves? It's a throwback worth googling. Those exercises are still a thing--maybe not with the the thong on the outside of the compression shorts--but Jane did have it going on! With correct form and technique, one can isolate those muscle groups and provide support for surrounding muscles.

When I experienced some shoulder difficult several years ago, a sport doctor told me most people around my age(I was born in 1965 so you can do the math :) will encounter something similar. What's also similar for many people is we will hear, "I can't ________ anymore because of my shoulder." How about people instead add rotator cuff and stability work/strength training for shoulders to prevent injury, relieve some pain and return to play?

If you're looking for a hand up, or a hip up so you can return to play and ensure your Accessory Muscles are doing their job, reach out to a fitness or health care professional to get you back on your game.

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