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As if

Living "as if".

It's been months since I've written and that's likely because I have been living "as if".

I won't dive into: the world is a different place/the new normal/unprecedented/the end is in sight/lockdown/physical distancing or any of the phrases that have become common in our vocabulary and practise since mid-March. We've heard them all and weighing in on that scenario is comparable to talking religion or politics. I'm staying out of it.

What I have been encouraging and doing is living as if.

As if I am tackling another ordinary and stellar day.

As if I am training for an event or for the lifestyle I choose to live.

As if my clients are embracing their workouts for their games or events or lives.

As if what I make for dinner will leave us cheering(a Mom can dream).

As if today I can make a difference in someone else's life.

As if my four adult daughters will continue to live and study and work from our home forever. Whoa, that last statement makes me just a wee bit nervous.

For now, this is our as if.

Go live it.

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