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How does Kari train?

Updated: Feb 22, 2019

How do I train clients is more like it! Oh, and where? I deliver my services to your door(even better than Skip the Dishes :) or in our basement gym. This isn't a curl up and watch a movie home gym; that disappeared years ago when my four girls starting working out as much as my clients.

Many clients see me on a twice-weekly or weekly basis, booking in a regular day and time for some sweat sessions.

Others will seek my services for a purposeful plan to keep them moving on their own.

Some clients like to travel so they leave on vacation with workouts-to-go.

Many come looking for workouts that complement their lives on the golf course, triathlon start line or squash court. The workout is completely about you and your goals and lifestyle.

Guess what? Many of these clients have some 'stuff' going on. You know it: the uncooperative lower back, rotator cuff injury from the 1980s or glutes that don't know how to play nicely with other muscle groups.

I am skilled and very experienced at working with other care providers, eg. the physio or Athletic Therapist, to provide you with the support and plan to keep moving.

Wellness. It's my gig to guide you with Personalized Fitness Training.

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