• Kari Gregory

Mind the Gap

How did the intercom voice and signage from UK train stations become an affirmation, a mantra and Kari's blog post? It's a reference to watching your step and not falling into the void.

As the Christmas Season approaches and our calendars and 'to-do' lists grow, I am asking you to Mind the Gap.

Start by identifying your gap. Let me give you a hand up here:

1. too many commitments(I know, most with best intentions)

2. late nights that wear me down

3. buying and spending and shopping

4. food choices that send me down an unhealthy rabbit hole('Unhealthy' stands without judgement. No 'good' or 'bad' foods or self-flagellation. What I mean is those foods that make me feel crappy. Unhealthy for my state and function.)

5. guests and family all over the place and in my space

6. missed opportunities that I really want, eg. workouts, outdoor time, meditation or spiritual time, my family together

7. over-doing to fit everything in

OK, you get the picture and know we all do it.

How will you Mind the Gap for the next six-ish weeks? What will you identify as necessary vs. not? How will your self-talk change to support your choices?

Why? Why does this matter to you? What will you have when you have __________?

This conversation needs to happen in real time, either aloud and then in writing or straight up on a piece of paper. The brain will register it better and thus follow through is more likely.

Can I help you out here? We sure have time to develop and process a plan for you to Mind the Gap. Several coaching sessions booked give you the time and space to commit to a Christmas Season that is fulfilling and meets your needs. Message me and we will talk.

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