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Mindfulness and Meditation

These two words and all the meaning they carry are not going away. I'm deeply suspicious that's because there are inherent benefits to making more of our lives consciously mindful and meditative. It seems many of us are aware of the positives but can't seem to find the time to make them happen.

Maybe you've tried either/or and aren't certain you're getting it right. You write 'meditation' in your calendar and get side-tracked by more emails. Mindfulness while washing the dishes seems ridiculous as your brain wanders to the shopping list or the dog that needs to be walked. Yet wellness articles we read show us the physiological and emotional benefits.

Who can be mindful when she has so much to do?

Me. You. Each of us.

Follow the link to an event being hosted in Calgary as part of a Wholeness Series. Lee Horbachewski, the founder/creator of Perimenopausal Babes, has organized an evening on Meditation and Mindfulness. You don't even have to be female or in perimenopause to reap the benefits of the information.

See you there!

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