• Kari Gregory

My best pitch for sales

I get to start by stating a negative, pretty much summarizing why I am not a salesperson! Here it is, my negative: I am not a salesperson.

I 'sell' my product of health and wellness through my beliefs and actions.

I can give you my best elevator pitch in the following few sentences. If you want the true "pitch" element, imagine we are in an elevator together and I have 60 seconds to tell you what I do and why I am relevant in your world. Go on, close your eyes, cue the music...

What can you get from me? What services do I provide?

I provide hour-long personal training sessions in your home, mine or through a training plan, all of which are designed to meet your needs. Emphasis is on the word YOUR and what you need for your lifestyle and wellness.

I provide 40 minute success coaching sessions, mostly via phone, to guide you on answering the bigger, "what do I want and why does this matter?" on a certain focus in your life. Coaching takes you from here to there.

Professional growth, wellness, parenting, finding your voice, organizing...

Why Kari Gregory? Because I connect with clients. That explains why my client base is consistent yet still growing. This is a collaborative venture and I want you to be as engaged as I am in getting you there. Where? Where you need to be for your wellness.

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