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My Future Resume

My future resume. Isn't that backwards? Listening to a client speak of a presentation she was giving about planning ahead, as opposed to looking behind, sparked my interest. What happens if I look ahead and make decisions about where I want to go? Let me get started.

1. I get to dream. One of my daughters and I have a saying that goes something like 'we have our dreams in the clouds and our feet on the ground'. We love to dream and plan and get excited about possibilities. That may include travel, events, professional plans, or even what we want to feel. We also know we can put some pieces together to get there--some day and some way.

2. I get to answer the bigger 'why?' So, if I want ____________, why does that matter? The answers to the whys(I believe that's plural for why) brings more insight than the steps to get there. We often jump to the plan about getting there. Talk aloud about why that even matters. This will lead to commitment to the eventual plans.

3. What have I done that will guide my future resume? Where have I had success and how will I leverage that for more success? Make a list and see where your strengths rest. Use your powers!

4. Focus on three main words that describe you. Words that go past what you look like on paper to who you are. I've said aloud that I could lead a small country and I think I could. I have stellar organizing, people and intuitive skills. I also follow through and follow up. I can manage a household budget and communicate effectively with four young adults and several pets who share this home. I can't do it all but I sure can surround myself with skilled people who know better in certain areas.

5. Seek assistance. If you're looking for results, hire a professional. Maybe that someone is a financial advisor, a housecleaner to take the edge off your to-do list, a triathlon coach, a life coach, or a home-renovator. If putting that someone else into your resume helps you get there, do it.

Get where? Where you see yourself in ____________ months or years.

Start building your future resume today. Now this is exciting!

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