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Remembering Olga Kotelko

Olga Kotelko was a Masters track and field athlete, competing well into her 90's and dying just weeks after a competition. She started training in track and field when she was 77. Why then? Her slo-pitch team mates convinced her to give it a try. Well, then, what are you waiting for?

We don't need to throw a javelin for world records(or maybe we can give it a try :)

We do need to find physical activity or continue mastering what we already do. Note the action-word, 'mastering', because it's always a process! There are milestones and goals achieved along the mastering road and then more to come.

Consider embracing a few of "Olga's nine rules for living", from 'What Makes Olga run?' by Bruce Grierson.

1. Break a sweat, daily and differently, with others.

2. Create routines(but sometimes break them).

3. Be opportunistic. Find the 20% of every task that's most important and put 80% of your effort there.

4. Be a mensch. Kindness is an obvious virtue. It works.

5. Believe in something.

6. Lighten up. Manage stress. Grace and gratitude.

7. Cultivate a sense of progress. Move the yardsticks. Adjust the expectations and improve upon them.

8. Don't do it if you don't love it. Have fun doing the doing.

9. Begin now.

Thanks, Olga.

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