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"Say it, mean it, do it."

I've taken these words from Barbara Colorosa, an author, educator and public speaker. I used these words in classrooms, in my head and out loud as a parent and coach.

Maybe you haven't read enough 2020 Resolution/New Year New Me/Goal-Setting posts and are anticipating mine. Here it is:

What she said. Yes, what Colorosa said.

1. Say it out loud and share your plans and goals with others. That tends to make us more committed. It's actually not a tendency but science. Committing publicly makes us more accountable. Think AA and their members' success.

Now your workmates are aware you're reducing sugar and are less likely to bring the donuts to your desk. Maybe someone will put her candy bowl away to help you decrease the temptation.

What if another friend also wants to improve her fitness and offers to run with you twice a week? Going public takes us places we want to go!

2. Mean it. Ask and answer your bigger "why?" Seriously, why does this matter to you? Often our goals go past the drop in pant size to the empowerment, the more energy for yourself and others and maybe even an 'I am worth it'. Go there. Ask and answer tough questions. You want this because ________________. It will bring you _______________.

3. Do it. I believe thoughts become things. However(yes, there is a however), thoughts must be actionable.I LOVE this word. Actionable. You have a plan so now make it happen.

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