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The 5 Pillars of Mental Health

Last week I had the opportunity to participate in a mental health and wellness session with Alberta Health Services. We, meaning almost everyone, use the language 'mental health' in more conversations than ever before. I see that as a good thing because we realize the impact of our mental well-being on many aspects of our lives.

The handout we received, written by Lorena Ruci, PhD, a Mental Health Expert, rang true for me on several levels. For years I have spoken of what I call a "Wellness Triangle". I see the firm and extended base as Rest and the two high-reaching sides as Fitness and Nutrition.

I think if we have these three components going on we have a solid investment in our health.

It really didn't surprise me those three elements are included in the 5 Pillars of Mental Health. Consider these points from her article:

1. Nurture you body with healthful nutrition choices. Food can boost or undermine mood. It has an impact on our cognitive and physical functioning.

2. Recover. Sleep. Rest. You need gas in the tank so refuel with adequate sleep.

3. Exercise. If we move more we do more. We build physical and mental strength through fitness.

4. Relax. All that talk about meditation and mindfulness is not going anywhere. Why? Because we need to favourably manage our stress. Take a breath.

5. Connect with others. Humans are social by nature and we need relationships to survive and thrive. Reach out.

I left this part of the session feeling assured I was still on the right path in my Personal Fitness Training and Success Coaching practice. My Wellness Triangle makes sense and now I'll colour in the centre with the words, "Relax" and "Connect". Ahh, that feels better!

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