• Kari Gregory

The New Canada's Food Guide

It's been years in the making and many months in the waiting. Canada's Food Guide has been released with a new look and an updated focus. For an overview, connect with Health Stand Nutrition, Andrea Holwegner's site. Andrea is a Registered Dietician with an active and informative practice in Calgary. She and her team have obviously gone deep into their review of what the Food Guide is saying and implying.

What do I mean by "implying"? Food is always about more than food. Yes, it's about nutrition, fuel for our days and sports, macro and micro-nutrients, and addressing necessary dietary components, especially for those with health concerns. Food is also about how we socialize. Preparation and presentation can be a passion or hobby. For some, food is a nemesis. Food can be labeled 'good' or 'bad' or 'cheating'. Food can fill a void on an emotional roller coaster. Food can bring joy.

Take a look at Andrea's site and be as thorough in reading it as she and her team were in researching and preparing. Food is also about family time, cultural connections and mindfulness. Hmmm...it's more than a new Food Guide. healthstandnutrition.com

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