• Kari Gregory

What is priceless?

Fall is our time to Fall Forward into schedules, plans, commitments, and goals. This is when we sit with the calendar and map out the family's events. Work duties often ramp up after a summer with a little less pressure.

Where does your Health and Wellness plan fit into Fall?

I hope it has a secure spot on the calendar! Why? We manage all our stressors better if we've given our wellness the attention it needs. Often we get caught in the 'don't have the time, the money, the energy' trap. We've all said one or more of those phrases aloud.

"What is priceless?" is not a rhetorical question. It needs an answer.

Our HEALTH is priceless.

That answer is actionable.

How will you make your health a priority?

Stay tuned for a roadmap to get you started.

Falling Forward can be so rewarding!

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